Katie Shanley is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher, holistic health coach, reiki practitioner, aromatherapist, and budding herbalist. She began developing the Buddhi Witch product line when she opened Buddhi Tribe Yoga & Wellness in June of 2017. But, her wheels had been turning long before then on diving into the natural product world. 

Buddhi means "wisdom" or "intuition" in Sanskrit. It's an incredibly influencial concept of yogic philosophy. For Katie, it's become something like a guide to life.

We must feed our intuition by listening to it. When we ignore our intuition, we weaken our ability to call on our Buddhi in our decision making. In this way, we may make decisions based on our ego and other outside influences. This can increase our stress levels, cause depression, brain fog, and basically...put out our fire.

In creating Buddhi Witch blends,  intuition comes first. What is the intention for this blend? What feelings does this smell evoke? How does it feel on the skin?




“To reclaim the word witch is to reclaim our right, as women, to be powerful” - Starhawk

Witch is a word with deep history and controversy. For many including myself, this word relates to the notion of a power within that no one can touch. This power comes from the belief in, and a respect of, the wisdom of the women who came before us. Of equal or maybe more importance, this power comes from the belief in, and respect for, the wisdom within ourselves. You gotta’ respect that Buddhi.

Many times in my life, I have felt as if my personal intuition was being suppressed simply by existing within our society as it is. I second guessed myself, both my feelings and my own abilities. I made choices that hurt me. I still do at times. But, embracing the “witchiness” - pulling cards from tarot decks, reading my horoscope, sitting in circle with other women, reiki, noticing signs from the universe - focusing my thoughts with intention so as to affect what I attract - has helped me trust myself more.

It’s about living more and fearing less. That is the kind of feminism I believe in.

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